About Us

Green Pastures Apparel is a positive, inspiring message T-shirt company with unique, inspirational designs. Many of the prints were hand drawn and all were made in love. You will find Hebrew Roots and Messianic Themes including the Hebrew names for Jesus, both Yahshua and Yeshua; as well as the Name of our God, Yahweh. 

Meet the Artist

Krissy has always had a love of drawing and art has always been a way for her to express herself and share her story.

T-shirts are a canvas where we can wear our testimony and share with others what Yahweh has done.

They can be a conversation starter and reach others in ways that other platforms can't. They link a message with a person, not just a random Facebook feed, but in the flesh.

There is power in our testimony and we are called to let our light shine - so shine on!

About the Process

Most designs start while singing songs of praise (like "His Eye is on the Sparrow") or in those ah-ha moments where small glimpses of Yah's are. I also have many T-shirt designs that came out of requests from my children, friends, or family.

From there, they usually begin to take form around the kitchen table while coloring with my children or sitting in a comfy chair with my iPad. I love to doodle, use mixed media, and create with whatever I have around me. Most of my drawings are hand-drawn, some are digital alterations/collages, and some are even prints of paintings I have done. They are a way for me to connect with those I love and share my passions with others.

I pray that my designs are a blessing to you and those around you.

Shalom and Love--Krissy